From the Journal of the Great Leader - Age 12
February 18th, 2022

We moved. Not out of Monterey, but out of the apartment and into a house. An actual house. I miss the apartment but I said a little something to it before we left. My room was empty and I laid on the floor and closed my eyes and tried to remember everything that happened there. I don’t think I remember anything before I remember that apartment. I was too young to remember what it was like in Maine. I think I was a year old when we came here to where mom is from.

After I remembered everything, which didn’t take long, I told the room that I would miss it and that it was a great place for my plants.

It’s been a while since Purple got lost in the ocean. I know he would have liked to say a few words. I thought about what he might have said, and then said that to the room too.

Before I left, I wrote something on the bottom corner of the closet. I don’t think anyone would see it unless they were really looking for it. I was sure to write small. We even had a substitute once that told me to redo my vocab worksheet because I wrote too small for her to read. That didn’t seem fair. I can’t control what people’s eyes can see. Plus, she was a substitute and not my real teacher anyway.

But on my closet, I wrote: One for the Rune. We learned what Runes were last week and I thought that it would be cool to write something like that. One for the Rune. Like my words could be Runes too, like the ones in Norway. I wrote it in pen. It'll at least last longer than pencil.


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