Legend of the Vampire Fern Wins GENESIS Film Festival

Legend of the Vampire Fern just won the GENESIS Film Festival!

The film is a crucial part of spreading the word about the mythic Indigo Purple Vampire Fern, and the filmmakers are ecstatic. The community gathered over the news in hopes that one day the Vampire Fern will be rescued.

August Moon, art critic and avid commentator on the fern, spoke of the accomplishment saying, “While the Vampire Fern remains beyond our midsts, for this brief moment I find respite. Many gratitudes to the festival organizers for sharing this story and contributing to what will hopefully one day mean the return of our beloved flora. For now, with the winning of this festival, may the legend live on.”

A special and heartfelt thank you to the festival organizers. Please follow Granting Wishes Studios and stay posted on their work. The GENESIS festival is just the beginning of their beautiful service to the film community.


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